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Val 22, Veselí n. Lužnicí

Pavel Míka - Faliko

We offer flooring, wood flooring, PVC, Marmoleum, NOVILON, altro, Noraplan, Norament, floating floors, parquet floors, mosaics, inlay, carpet - everything including installation. Sports surfaces palubovky, flexible bases. Renovation of floors. Poured floors.

Čsl. armády 2243, Tábor

Marren, s.r.o.

Wholesale and retail furniture.

nám. F. Křižíka 2881, Tábor

INPROS - Ing. Tomáš Slavík

We deal with sales, installation and service of heat sources - solar collectors, heat pumps, boilers burning wood and condensing gas boilers. We provide a complete heating and plumbing works, collection container Avia.

Klenovice 174, Soběslav


Bílkova 2939, Tábor

Kalvas & Hybš, spol. s r.o.

Offer carpentry and roofing.

Chýnovská 1098, Tábor


Jana Jeníka z Bratřic 368, Mladá Vožice - klempířství, výškové práce

Zákostelní 79, Planá nad Lužnicí


Maredova 3002, Tábor

Elektro svítidla, s.r.o.

Authorized importer of lamps and lights. Resources SYLVANIA, Lumiance, Concorde. We also supply Beghelli-Elplast, Bega, Dishan, Egoluce, Fosnova, Goccia, PRISMA, OMS, Sec, DEOS, Eco-Design, Enika, Lucis, Massive, MODUS, Osmont, VM-Elektro, Vyrtych, Trevos.

Čsl. armády 2243, Tábor

D.O.M. Tábor

Havanská 2812, Tábor

Otherm CB Tábor

Chýnovská 567, Tábor


Turovec 45, Turovec

Martin Vaněk, Pokladačské a obkladačské práce

We specialize in the laying of tiles and paving. We make tiles, plaster boards, polystyrene ceiling. Renovate housing core. Perform demolition work and debris.

Kpt. Nálepky 163, Tábor

Milan Arnošt - dekorativní dřevěné výrobky

Production of decorations, Christmas decorations, nativity scenes and wooden candlesticks.

Mlýnská 370/III, Soběslav

Abrela s.r.o.

Chýnovská 2217 , Tábor

Ladislav Prchlík - P - Plast

Complete supply pools and water purification technology, equipment, construction and installation. Pools of all types, atypical roofing, pool chemistry, filtration units. We make sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, sinks, oil traps, pits, plastic grates.

Lom 61, Lom

Dřevovýroba Štěpán Staněk

We manufacture and sell children's garden houses and shelters, children's sand pit, garden furniture for children, slides, swings. We also produce decorative objects for your garden (mill wheel, cage trolley, ornamental wheelbarrow).

Přehořov 72, Přehořov

CRAVT Koupelny, spol. s r.o.

We sell equipment for bathrooms, tiles, tiles, sinks, toilets, bidets, showers, bathtubs. We supply bathroom furniture, bathroom accessories, massage cabins, whirlpools and massage tubs, whirlpools, faucets and shower faucet. Bathroom studio.

Chýnovská 2994, Tábor

Cedron plus, s.r.o.

Production of interior lights and shades, designed for hotels, guest houses, bath houses and other premises. We supply table, floor, wall and ceiling lights. Possible choice of shapes, materials and finishes. Shields of various shapes and designs.

Zahradní 130, Nadějkov

Kores, spol. s r.o.

Professional to lobby for industry, warehouses, business, sports, agriculture. Sell the new hall and bazaar halls. Assembly, engineering and consulting services. Systems Lindab, Astron frame steel structures for peace. Sandwich panels, insulation, corrugated sheets.

ČSLA 54, Planá nad Lužnicí

W a Weinzettl, s.r.o.

Exclusive importer of interior doors and doorframes Avg. We offer door entry, fire, rotating, sliding glass walls. Implementation of veneer, CPL, foil and solid...

Rašínova 494, Soběslav II

Nyon, spol. s r.o.

We sell and install plastic windows, windows, doors. Complete delivery, including implementation of masonry work, service.

Budějovická 759, Tábor

TSH plast, s.r.o.

We manufacture and assemble plastic pools, plastic tanks, pits and septic tanks. Manufacture and assembly of plastic windows and doors, including accessories. We provide removal and disposal of old windows, masonry finishing. Provide free consultancy and supply.

Malšice 330, Malšice

Kolovrat, ČM, spol. s r.o.

We produce upholstery and decorative fabrics and non-combustible, substance style (Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, Empire, Art Nouveau), replicas of historic fabric. We supply curtains, blackout - blackout, curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths and other soft furnishings, custom manufacturing.

Sportovní 219, Chýnov

Sakutus, spol. s r.o.

We produce tempered articles, heaters, electric radiating elements, thermal panels for heating animal beds, bathroom heating panels, electric heating images. We supply products from fiberglass and laminating, plastic concrete products, cement Fixacol universal.

Dražice 256, Dražice

JITONA, a.s.

Czech manufacturer of a wide range of quality furniture. We produce bedrooms, living room and dining room made of solid wood and real wood veneers. We offer beds, dressers, wardrobes, wall units.

Wilsonova 222/25, Soběslav


Wholesale and retail sales of sofas, living and předsíňových walls, children's rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining tables and chairs, housewares, furniture sector and kitchen cupboards. To run the entire range of e-commerce.

Táborská 203, Červené Záhoří


Rent a mobile construction fencing, construction sites, public sports, cultural events, concerts, separation of parking areas, borders, land, security of excavations, portable safety barrier, mobile fences. And the possibility of sales.

Opařany 210, Opařany

Zemědělské a obchodní družstvo Podhradí

We produce stainless steel (polished, matt, grinded) bathroom accessories - handles for the disabled, shower seats (foldable and portable) console, shower curtains, folding mirrors. Wish to make color sprays in RAL. Shelf, soap holder.

Choustník 2, Choustník

Jan Kubů J+K

We offer retail sales of bathroom equipment, water fittings and heater material. Sell bathtub, sink, shower with fast, Ravak, Wagnerplast. Faucets, sinks, bathroom furniture, radiators, boilers, water heaters, pumps.

Rudé armády 1078, Sezimovo Ústí

ALUPOL, s.r.o.

Manufacture and sale of swimming pool, the sale of pools with options for the key. Offer shelters, screens and sale of polycarbonate.

Chýnovská 535, Planá nad Lužnicí

ARM elektro, s.r.o.

Wholesale and retail wiring materials (Schneider Electric, OEZ Letohrad, MOELLER, FINDER, ABB, LOVATO, WAGO). Sell Fixtures - Prezent, ARGUS Eglo, Globe, WOFI, PAULLMANN, BRILUM, Kani, Massive, COMPOLUX, Marx, Rendle, ZLÍNLUX.

Chýnovská 24, Tábor


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