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Pavel Míka - Faliko

We offer flooring, wood flooring, PVC, Marmoleum, NOVILON, altro, Noraplan, Norament, floating floors, parquet floors, mosaics, inlay, carpet - everything including installation. Sports surfaces palubovky, flexible bases. Renovation of floors. Poured floors.

Čsl. armády 2243, Tábor

Kalvas & Hybš, spol. s r.o.

Offer carpentry and roofing.

Chýnovská 1098, Tábor

Martin Vaněk, Pokladačské a obkladačské práce

We specialize in the laying of tiles and paving. We make tiles, plaster boards, polystyrene ceiling. Renovate housing core. Perform demolition work and debris.

Kpt. Nálepky 163, Tábor

W a Weinzettl, s.r.o.

Exclusive importer of interior doors and doorframes Avg. We offer door entry, fire, rotating, sliding glass walls. Implementation of veneer, CPL, foil and solid...

Rašínova 494, Soběslav II

Ladislav Prchlík - P - Plast

Complete supply pools and water purification technology, equipment, construction and installation. Pools of all types, atypical roofing, pool chemistry, filtration units. We make sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, sinks, oil traps, pits, plastic grates.

Lom 61, Lom

Kores, spol. s r.o.

Professional to lobby for industry, warehouses, business, sports, agriculture. Sell the new hall and bazaar halls. Assembly, engineering and consulting services. Systems Lindab, Astron frame steel structures for peace. Sandwich panels, insulation, corrugated sheets.

ČSLA 54, Planá nad Lužnicí

Nyon, spol. s r.o.

We sell and install plastic windows, windows, doors. Complete delivery, including implementation of masonry work, service.

Budějovická 759, Tábor

TSH plast, s.r.o.

We manufacture and assemble plastic pools, plastic tanks, pits and septic tanks. Manufacture and assembly of plastic windows and doors, including accessories. We provide removal and disposal of old windows, masonry finishing. Provide free consultancy and supply.

Malšice 330, Malšice

CRAVT Koupelny, spol. s r.o.

We sell equipment for bathrooms, tiles, tiles, sinks, toilets, bidets, showers, bathtubs. We supply bathroom furniture, bathroom accessories, massage cabins, whirlpools and massage tubs, whirlpools, faucets and shower faucet. Bathroom studio.

Chýnovská 2994, Tábor

ALUPOL, s.r.o.

Manufacture and sale of swimming pool, the sale of pools with options for the key. Offer shelters, screens and sale of polycarbonate.

Chýnovská 535, Planá nad Lužnicí


Rent a mobile construction fencing, construction sites, public sports, cultural events, concerts, separation of parking areas, borders, land, security of excavations, portable safety barrier, mobile fences. And the possibility of sales.

Opařany 210, Opařany

Podlahové krytiny - Černý

We sell carpets, pieces, textiles as PVC, all in the range of 2, 3, 4 and 5m. Furthermore, laminate floors, laminate floors rails, transition rails, cleaning the carpets and PVC. Selection of flooring according to samples. Delivery and laying floors ensured.

Purkyňova 2986, Tábor

Josef Matoušek - TYMO

We provide sales and installation of garage and industrial doors LOMAX. We provide automatic MARANTEC drives, gateways, drives GENIUS, MINIROL shutters, blinds, nets, awnings and folding doors.

Klenovice 154, Klenovice


We supply interior doors and door frames mark Sapeli - foiled door, laminated, veneered, glass in different designs - all of which may be sliding. Targeting and processing of bids. Customer service.

Petra Bezruče 499, Soběslav

JAMBOR - Uhelné sklady, s.r.o.

OKD offer coke, nut-brown coal brick, briquettes, coal-black walnut-cube. Wood-meter logs, sawn logs, chips bags. Certified Construction sand, gravel. Folding conveyor directly into the basement. Dry storage in the hall.

9. května 621/43, Tábor


Sell building materials and chemicals, tiles, paving, roofing, mortar, waterproofing, sealants, foams, pavements, cleaved concrete, concrete blocks, plaster boards, sanitary ceramics, thermal insulation. We deal with reality.

Chýnovská 2989, Tábor

M.S OKNA - Milan Špaček

We offer PVC windows, wooden windows and doors, garage, industrial doors, interior doors, door frames. Complete realization: a price proposal, focus-free, assembly windows, masonry finishing. Window sills, blinds, nets, blinds, awnings.

Chýnovská 533/1, Tábor

EUROCONT CZ, spol. s r.o.

We offer products from natural stone as cladding, paving, fireplaces, garden furniture and garden accessories. There are also menu palisades, pots and vases made of natural stone. Custom work and the customer.

Dražice 2, Dražice

Bazény - Kratochvíl

Sell hot tubs, whirlpools and pools. Production of plastic and foil pools with thermal insulation, all the technology for swimming pools, swimming pool covers, water meter shafts, household sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, sinks and sale of plastic. All installation associated with a swimming pool.

Malšice 281, Malšice

Jan Kubů J+K

We offer retail sales of bathroom equipment, water fittings and heater material. Sell bathtub, sink, shower with fast, Ravak, Wagnerplast. Faucets, sinks, bathroom furniture, radiators, boilers, water heaters, pumps.

Rudé armády 1078, Sezimovo Ústí

Stavocentrum FPS, s.r.o.

Sales of building materials and natural stone.

Mlýn Krkavec 37, Veselí nad Lužnicí

David Suchan, kameny

Sales of ornamental stones, pebbles or decorative gravel.

Třída Čs. armády 540, Veselí nad Lužnicí II

Ing. Jiří Duda - Dirac

PVC window and door profiles from Salamander-other in the heat-technical quality. We provide comprehensive services - focus and offer free transportation, dismantling and disposal of the original windows, windows installation, finishing. We supply - window sills, blinds, garage doors.

Malé náměstí 547, Veselí nad Lužnicí II

František Tylšar, žaluzie

Currently we offer a complete range of facilities and sun anti-insect nets, not only in South Bohemia, but by agreement or by mail service anywhere in the Czech Republic. Cornerstones of the company are reliability, accuracy and quality. Each customer is given the utmost care, regardless of the size of the contract.

Nádražní 160, Veselí nad Lužnicí II

Stanislav Návrat, stavební materiál

Sales of building materials.

Písecká 759, Bechyně

IZOTEM, s.r.o.

Our goal is to provide business services to manufacturers prefabricated buildings (timber construction), construction organizations, as well as individual build...

U Nádraží 10, Bechyně

FAMITECH - zastřešení bazénů

Quality roofing for your pool. Manufacture of swimming pool covers of classic and atypical forms. Free consultation. You can take advantage of seasonal offers on the roof. Stable and highly resistant construction materials.

Nad Sládečkem 480, Tábor

Jaroslav Blažek, žaluzie

Sale of Horizontal and vertical blinds, sun and outdoor blinds.

Mostecká 1844, Tábor

Jaroslav Čáp, stavební materiál

Sales of building materials and steel imports, including construction.

Čtvrť J. Hybeše 625, Veselí nad Lužnicí

Olga Martinů - Maroli

We provide sales, installation and servicing of sectional and rolling garage doors and entrance gates. We offer wooden and plastic windows, blinds, mosquito nets.

náměstí Republiky 166/1, Soběslav

Pavla Filípková - Stavebniny Pavla

Sales of building materials. Providing services in trucking.

Třída Čs. armády 867, Veselí nad Lužnicí

Miroslav Liška, okna

We provide sales and installation of plastic windows, wooden windows and doors. We also offer interior and exterior window sills, blinds.

Wilsonova 420/27, Soběslav

Fert, a.s.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of space, one-sided and equal reinforcement of concrete and steel, drawn wire, cold-type BSt 500M and BSt 500 KR.

Petra Bezruče 447/14, Soběslav

Tepo - LD s.r.o.

Sell all floor coverings including installation: linoleum, parquet flooring, cork flooring, laminate floors, carpets. We provide also renovating old floors: parquet, planks.

tř. Dr. Edvarda Beneše 279/19, Soběslav

ZOTEPO, s.r.o.

Wholesale and retail sales, service and laying of floor coverings - PVC, carpets, floating floors, cork floors, buffer materials, adhesives, sanding and restoration of old wooden floors and parquet.

Třída Dr. Eduarda Beneše 279/II, Soběslav

T.O.D.O.K., s.r.o.

The main our activity is the sale and installation of plastic windows, wooden windows, entrance doors and related activities, sale and installation of interior ...

tř. Dr. Edvarda Beneše 411/65, Soběslav

Uniom, spol. s r.o.

Unio al. Ltd. offers: the original building materials of renowned brands, providing transport-folding hydraulic arm-free procurement of computing power especially for roofing, ceiling, chimney bricks and supplies throughout the majority of the CR range

Petra Bezruče 458/19, Soběslav

Jarmila Bínová, stavebniny

Sales of building materials and accessories for the garden. Bid for construction material transport.

Na Pískách 486, Soběslav


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