Credit Services



    P.O.Box 61, Tábor

    Jana Vacková, úvěry

    Mediation offer loans, mortgages and execution solutions.

    Košín 24, Košín

    Eva Kalkusová, úvěry

    Mediation of non-bank loans Cetelem, Multiservis, Esox and Homekredit.

    Pod Markem 466, Veselí nad Lužnicí


    We provide an analysis of mortgage and other loan products in the strongest banks (Bank Mortgage, Inc., Commercial Bank, Inc.) We also offer a complete settlement of the requested loan.

    Erbenova 572, Tábor

    Milan Kasal, úvěry

    We offer financial services. Mediate business, and non-bank mortgage lending, banking and non-bank loans.

    Průběžná 108, Tábor

    JIVIS, a.s.

    We offer financial advice.

    9. května 678, Tábor

    Mgr. Jiří Plevač - Agentura Fonat

    Intermediation of credit, loans and mortgages.

    Tomkova 2099/1, Tábor

    Loans for the whole country from non-banks, from private and own resources of 10 to 80 monthly installments, without collateral, the registers 250 000 CZK. Products and no income. Solutions for your property in execution. More products can be found on our website.

    Palackého 358/3, Tábor

    Jiří Vodrážka - úvěrové služby

    Providing cash and consumer loans.

    Herlošova 1626/4, Tábor

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